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All-Clad TG700262 Review

All-Clad TG700262

With so many electric grills available on the market these days, shopping for one can sometimes be a slightly daunting task. However, do consider starting off your grilling journey with the All-Clad TG700262 Electric Indoor Grill as it’s a really good product that you should keep an eye on. Keep reading to learn about the features, benefits, strengths, and downsides of this nifty little appliance.

Extra Large Grilling Surface

If you frequently grill for large groups of people, then you have nothing to worry about when you go with the TG700262 indoor grill. Not only does it boast of a large grilling surface (20” in length and 13” wide), it also has two separate heating zones. Because each zone has its own temperature dial, it allows you to grill different foods at different heat levels.

Removable Splatter Guard for Easy Cleaning

Cleaning up greasy grime and oil spills is one of the hardest chores that comes with owning a grill. The engineers at All-Clad have tried to make this arduous task easier with the TG700262, which features a detachable splatter guard. While grilling, oil drips and spills will be channeled into a removable drawer that’s also dishwasher safe. As a result, keeping your cooking area grease-free will now be a breeze.

The removable splatter guard makes cleaning your grill easy as well since it comes with a non-stick coating. What’s more, the package comes with a brush for loosening burnt-on food particles from the grates.

All-Clad TG700262 Review

Stainless Steel-Aluminum Assembly

The stainless steel and aluminum construction of this grill gives it quite a number of desirable traits. First, you’ll notice the metal assembly has a glossy and very attractive finish. This is a great bonus for people who like to decorate their kitchen with lovely appliances. The grill offers a lot more than just pleasing aesthetics, though, since it’s as durable as it is pretty. The alloy used is rustproof so you can count on this unit to provide lots of fun grilling gatherings for a long time to come. For you own peace of mind, the grill comes with a manufacturer’s warranty as well.

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Simple to Use Adjustable Temperature Dials

One of the best features of electric grills is that they offer precise temperature control. When using the All-Clad TG700262 electric indoor grill, you can adjust temperature on each heating zone at the turn of a dial. Temperature levels range between 180 and 480 degrees F. The adjustable heat settings allow you to grill food until perfectly browned or slightly charred, just the way you like it.

Heating Elements made of Cast Aluminum

This All-Clad indoor grill features powerful heating elements bonded to surfaces of cast aluminum. Therefore, it distributes heat evenly on the grates to allow for uniform browning of grilled food. This unrivalled heat transfer coupled with precise temperature control enables you to achieve prefect results that would otherwise be hard to come by with a traditional charcoal grill.

All-Clad TG700262 Accessories

• 1 TG700262 All Clad electric indoor grill

• Cleaning brush

• Owner’s operating manual

All-Clad TG700262 Electric Indoor Grill with Extra-Large Premium Nonstick Grilling Surface, 20 x 13-Inch, Silver


All-Clad’s TG700262 electric indoor grill measures 21 x 13.5 x 4 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 18lbs.


• Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use

• Two individually operated heat zones allow for flexible grilling of different foods at the same time

• Durable build quality

• Easy to clean

• Large sized grilling surface

• Designed with side handles for easy transportation

• Sleek and attractive design


• It takes about 15 minutes to preheat the grill to the highest SEAR temperature, which may be a bit long for some users


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Many people who have bought this indoor grill rate it highly. Although a few past purchaser have pointed out the low preheating duration of the grill, the wait is well worth it when you consider the tasty meals you’ll get to enjoy.

All-Clad TG700262 Price

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In conclusion, the All-Clad TG700262 Electric Indoor Grill makes a great buy for anyone who is on a budget. Not only is this electric grilling appliance low priced, it’s the closest thing you’ll find to the professional grills used by culinary experts. You’ll also find it ideal to use when it’s too cold to grill outdoors. Most importantly, it comes with a wide range of useful features that make grilling enjoyable.

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