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Black & Decker HF100WD Review

Black & Decker HF100WD

The Black & Decker HF100WD Air Fryer is a revolutionary kitchen appliance that uses convection-cooking technology to make perfectly fried foods without much oil. Although several cooking appliance manufacturers have their own brands of air fryers for sale, we’ll be specifically taking a look at the HF100WD in this review. Read on to learn its features, pros, cons, and what functions to expect.

Convection Cooking Technology Cuts Out Cooking Oil

Being able to fry foods perfectly using little to no oil may sound like a far-fetched feature. But with the HF100WD air fryer, you’ll be able to achieve this goal to some extent. Black & Decker’s patented Rapid Air or Convection Technology produces the same crispy taste and browning through convection fans that blast very hot air around food at high speeds.

By cutting out additional fat that comes from cooking with oil, you’ll be able to eat healthier fried foods. A batch of handmade fries would now only need about half a teaspoon of oil. So, not only is using the HF100WD a healthier way to cook, the use of less oil reduces the risk of chip pan fires as well.

User Friendly Controls

Although the Black and Decker Purify doesn’t have a fancy touchscreen like other air fryers, it’s still quite simple to use. It comes with a variable temperature dial and a second knob for setting the timer. The adjustable thermostat allows for precise cooking when preparing a diverse range of foods. Depending on the ingredients or desired browning result, you can set the temperature up to a maximum of 200 degrees C (equivalent to 390 degrees F). Once the set time elapses, the unit shuts off automatically.

Black & Decker HF100WD Review

Compact and Reasonably Sized Design

Black and Decker’s HF100WD Purify air fryer does not take up too much counter space. The fryer looks somewhat like a rice cooker, measuring just under a foot in diameter and thirteen inches high. It comes with a removable chunky basket where you fill with food before putting it back inside. About 60 minutes later (or less – depending on the set cooking duration), 2 liters of fried food will emerge hot, crispy, and ready to serve.

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Non-stick, Easy to Clean, Dishwasher Safe Basket

Deep fryers can be a pain to clean because of the oil used during cooking, which also tends to splatter and stick everywhere. With Black & Decker’s HF100WD Purify Air Fryer, you won’t have to scrub too much grease and grime off after cooking. This is possible thanks to the basket’s non-stick, black-coated metal. What’s more, you can safely clean the cooking basket and its housing in a dishwasher.

Cool Touch Handle and Firm Grip Feet

You won’t have to worry about burns or needing to wear oven mitts when using this air fryer since it features a cool touch plastic handle. It has no slip feet as well to prevent accidents when pulling out the frying basket.

Black & Decker HF100WD Accessories

• 1 Black & Decker HF100WD Purify 2-L Air Fryer with detachable basket

• Owner’s manual

Black & Decker HF100WD Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer, Black/White


The Black & Decker HF100WD Purify Air Fryer measures 11.5(L) x 11.5(W) x 13(H) inches and measures about 12 pounds.


• Power saving air fryer which only uses 1220 Watts

• Compact design for space limited kitchens

• Convection air frying technology reduces added fat in fried food

• Easy to use and clean

• Safe to use with cool-touch handle and no slip grip feet


• The machine can be slightly noisy as hot air circulates inside to fry food


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It appears that most buyers are pleased with this appliance. The few that complain about it cite minor issues, while others appear to simply have unrealistic expectations of a countertop air fryer.

Black & Decker HF100WD Price

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If you’re looking for a low priced counter top air fryer that does its job well, Black & Decker HF100WD Purify should definitely be one of the top choices to consider. The beauty about this appliance is that it fries food with little to no oil but still gives the same satisfying taste and browning.

From French fries, onion rings and mozzarella sticks, to chicken wings, lamb chops and deep-fried oysters, you can fry a wide range of foods in this unit to perfection.

Overall, this is a great air fryer that will offer you true value for your money considering the features it has to offer at its price range.

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