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Electrolux FGIC13P3KS Portable Induction Review

Electrolux FGIC13P3KS Portable Induction

If quality is high on your list of priorities, then the Electrolux FGIC13P3KS Portable Induction cooktop is something that you should really keep an eye on. Read on to find out the features that come with this unit, its advantages, and whatever shortcomings it has so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Intuitive Tap Touch Control Panel

Unlike other cooktop brands that have complicated controls, the FGIC13PS3KS Electrolux portable induction cooktop is very simple to use. This cooktop doesn’t have cumbersome knobs and control dials. Instead, it comes with a sleek back design that features a touch sensitive control panel. This means you can set the timer, temperature level or lock the cooktop functions at the tap of a button. The controls are located on the lower top end of the unit for easy access and all the various touch buttons are also appropriately marked with symbols, which takes away the guesswork of trying to figure how to setup your cooktop.

Adjustable Power, Time and Temperature Settings

One of the best features of this induction technology cooktop is the level of control it offers over power consumption, cooking duration and temperature. With 6 power levels, 36 temperature settings and the ability to time cooking duration to your specific setting, you’ll never have to worry about burning food when using this cooktop. The programmable timer allows a maximum cooking duration of 360 minutes or 240 minutes when set to power level 1 to 4 or 4 to 5 respectively. It also automatically shuts off the cooktop once cooking is complete.

Electrolux FGIC13P3KS Portable Induction Review

Compact and Portable Design

If you have a rather small kitchen, you’ll be glad to know that this cooktop will not take up too much space. It’s rather compact, measuring only 12.8” (L) x 15” (W) x 3” (H). The cooking surface can comfortably accommodate pans that are 8” or less. Anything larger would need to be repositioned so that heat can reach all parts of the cooking pan or pot. Although this 7-pound appliance is slightly heavier than other cooktops, its compact size still makes it portable.

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Designed with Safety Features

Safety is an important feature when it comes to cooktops since these appliances present the risk of inflicting burns. Fortunately, the engineers at Electrolux designed this model with several safety features. It also has a control lock function which prevents small children from turning it on.

You also do not have to worry about starting a fire when water or other liquid ingredients spill on to the burner element of the cooktop since the product is made of a non-porous Vitro Ceramic Glass.

In addition, a hot surface LED indicator lets you know that the cooktop was recently used and hence should be left to cool down before cleaning. The fact that this induction cooktop produce no fumes or flame is another bonus for anyone who wants a safe cooking unit.

Electrolux FGIC13P3KS Portable Induction Accessories

• 1 Electrolux FGIC13PKS free standing countertop induction cooktop

• Power Cord

• Owner’s manual

Electrolux FGIC13P3KS Review


The Electrolux FGIC13P3KS Portable Induction cooktop measures 12.8(L) x 15(W) x 3(H) inches and weighs 7 pounds.


• Complete control over cooking duration

• Temperature control setting for precise cooking

• Hot surface indicator lets you know when it's safe to clean

• Compact, portable, self-standing countertop

• Energy saving unit (uses only 1300Watts)

• Designed with safety features like hot surface indicator, auto-shutoff button and non-porous cooking surface


• A little bit heavy for a cooktop (weighs about 7lbs)

• Induction technology is not ideal for people with pacemakers

• While low wattage saves power, this compromises heating speed. It takes about 2 minutes to boil 2.5 quarts of water, while other high-end units with more watts typically take 1 minute


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If you’re only interested in purchasing quality kitchen appliances, then you should be glad to know that many buyers have expressed satisfaction with the FGIC13PKS portable induction cooktop from Electrolux. Consumer ratings at independent review sites have been pretty good. The only major drawback that some buyers have pointed out is the low wattage rating that comes with this cooktop. While this compromises cooking speed, the upside is that you’ll still get to save on power.

Electrolux FGIC13P3KS Portable Induction Price

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All in all, the FGIC13P3KS portable induction cooktop from Electrolux is enjoyable to use, considering its intuitive touch sensitive control panel. This appliance is a great buy for students, campers, frequent travelers, or anyone that lives alone and wants a portable induction cooktop which does not consume too much power.

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