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KRUPS ZX7000 Review


The KRUPS ZX7000 Electric Citrus Press is a sturdy, efficient, and dependable mid-ranged-priced product for people who are looking for an efficient juicer that will last a long time. Let's take a look at the features you'll get to enjoy with this juicer...

Powerful Motor and Built-In Sensors

This juicer is powered by a 130 watts motor and sustains good blade speeds. Because of its powerful motor, the juicer is less likely to burn out, and this saves you a lot of money because you won't have to buy a new juicer every other month. The powerful motor allows the juicer to press small limes to large grapefruits and pomegranates effectively.

Because the machine isn’t “straining” to produce juice, its noise level is actually very minimal. Coupled with the built-in sensor that automatically starts the juicing process once it senses your fruits against its press arm, it makes juicing large quantities of fruits very easy.

Manual and Automatic Options

Many people feel that manually pressing fruits and vegetables produces better-tasting and sweeter juices. But when you don’t have a lot of time to spare and want to make sure you’re squeezing out as much nutrients as possible, the automatic function comes in handy. Not only does it save time and make juicing more efficient, it’s also perfect for people who suffer from joint stiffness and arthritis.

When you use this juicer to press fruits like oranges, you’ll notice that the juice it produces comes with very minimal pulp, allowing you to enjoy pure orange juice straight from the fruit.

*Tip* Cut the fruits in halves if you want to juice even faster.

KRUPS ZX7000 Orange Juice

Durable, Dependable and Stable

The KRUPS ZX7000 juicer comes with a die-cast base and this provides three important features:

  1. It is lightweight
  2. It is resistant to corrosion,
  3. It provides significant heat dissipating advantages

Because a die-cast base allows the machine to be more stable and durable, it won't wobble when you’re using it so you don’t have to keep holding onto it as you juice.

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Anti-Drip Spout

While the stainless-steel, anti-drip spout is marketed as one of the juicers features, it’s still not 100% “no-drip”… A little excess juice tends to drip out after juicing, but this isn’t anything which cannot be solved – just place a glass under the spout to catch the droplets.

For some people, the minor dripping feels like a product flaw… However, most other people feel that it doesn’t really matter anyway because you’ll still be dissembling the appliance to wash after use.

Cleaning and Storage

Cleaning this juicer is convenient and easy because all removable parts are dishwasher safe. These include the splash guard, fruit press, pulp filter, transparent bowl, pouring spout, "drip stopper" accessory, drip tray grid, and drip tray.

Do note, however, that the pressing lever and lever pin cannot be washed in a dishwasher (just wipe them with a soft, damp cloth and wait for them to dry before reassembling.)

When the appliance is not in use, tuck the power cord into the underside of the base of this machine.

KRUPS ZX7000 Accessories

  • Pressing lever
  • Lever pin
  • Splash guard
  • Fruit press
  • Universal cone for all citrus fruits
  • Pulp filter
  • Transparent bowl
  • Pouring spout
  • “Drip stopper” accessory
  • Drip tray grid
  • Drip tray
  • ON/OFF selector knob
  • Citrus Press Arm

Manual and Automatic Citrus Press


11 x 7 x 13 inches; 9.2 pounds


  • Manual and automatic options
  • Made with good quality materials
  • Powerful motorized press (130 watts) presses small to larger fruits efficiently
  • Removable parts safe for dishwasher
  • Two years warranty


  • Anti-drip spout doesn’t prevent a few droplets from leaking out,
  • While the base, upper tray, housing, pulp filter, and pouring spout are made with excellent materials, there are several plastic parts such as the juice catcher
  • No drip stopper (the appliance is not meant for storing juice anyway)


Customer Reviews: Click Here

The ratings for this product are excellent across various independent review sites. However, a few past purchasers have stated their unhappiness that this juicer isn't actually made in Germany.

If you take into consideration the juicer's powerful motor, and easy to use and clean features, it surely doesn't matter where the appliance was manufactured, yes? The make and finish is well-thought and the appliance looks beautiful with its die-cast base and stainless-steel press.

KRUPS ZX7000 Price

Current Price: Click Here

The last time I checked, offers the cheapest price for the KRUPS ZX7000.

While some people feel that with the price they’re paying, they’d at least expect the cover or juice catcher to be made of something other than plastic. If that’s a big concern for you, then there are a couple of other juicers on the market which cost an average of $50 to $200 more just for the machine to be completely made of metal – and even so, you can’t guarantee that the juicer will last as long as this one.


Like I mentioned earlier, the KRUPS ZX7000 Electric Citrus Press is the perfect mid-priced product for budget conscious consumers. It's not made from cheap, shoddy materials that hold the risk of catching fire anytime, and it's produced by KRUPS, a trusted kitchen appliances brand many consumers trust.

I think it's a good buy and cannot recommend it enough.

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