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KRUPS ZY501 Review


The KRUPS ZY501 Stainless Steel Juice Extractor Model comes in handy in many juice mixing scenarios. It’s a lightweight product that is powerful, user-friendly, and efficient. This is a model like no other and was specially designed to meet your juicing needs.

Powerful Inbuilt 900-Watt Motor

You’ll be able to use the product to juice large quantities of fruits at a go, and the motor is able to rotate at a consistent speed without straining. This means that your product is less likely to burn out or overheat.

Extra Large Feed Tube and Pulp Container

The KRUPS ZY501 has a 3-inch wide feed tube and will only take seconds to produce ready-to-drink juices. The extra-large feed tube eliminates the need to cut fruits into smaller pieces prior to juicing and this saves you a lot of time.


Stainless Steel Micro Mesh

With this feature, you’ll be able to produce well-filtered juices. The product’s high-quality mesh ensures that your juice will be drinkable as soon as you are done juicing.

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Safety Precautions

The auto shutdown functionality allows the product to shut down after a period of inactivity, and the safety locking arm allows secure mixing and juicing of fruits to avoid spillage. A cord storage compartment inside the unit ensures safe storage of the power cable.

Adjustable Speed Settings

You’ll be able to adjust high or low motor speed according to your preference for hard and soft fruit mixtures and textures.

KRUPS ZY501 Accessories

- Durable stainless steel micro-mesh

- Stainless steel grater

- Extra-large 3-inch feed tube

- Extra-large 2,2 L/74 oz. pulp container

- High pouring spout

- Safety locking arm

- Cleaning brush



14.25 x 11.22 x 18.42 weighing 16.2 pounds


- able to make large quantities of juice at one go

- machine doesn’t strain while in use

- high performance motor ensures proper pulverizing of fruits and pulp

- stainless steel finish which reduce stains and scratches

- speed variation makes the product useful for a variety of pulp thickness

- two year worldwide warranty


- no drip stopper

- loud motor noise when the pulp container is not loaded enough


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This product is an affordable kitchen appliance with an outstanding design and great performance.

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