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Nesco FS-10 Food Slicer Review

Nesco FS-10 Food Slicer

If you’re tired of going through the dreary process of manually slicing food whenever you want to make a snack or prepare a meal, the Nesco FS-10, 200-Watt food slicer offers you the best solution. Considered as one of the best slicing tools in the domestic set up category, the Nesco FS-10 food slicer is a powerful device that is unmatched in terms of versatility, durability, efficiency, and safety. Thanks to its excellent quality, this food slicer is sure to satisfy all of your food slicing requirements.

This review will look at the best features of this food slicer as well as its pros, cons, and consumer ratings.

It’s An All-in-One Food Slicer

The great thing about buying the Nesco FS-10 is that you get yourself an all-in-one food-slicing device that cuts a whole range of food items including meat, vegetables, cheese, bread, and even fruits. This is unlike other food slicers which were designed to cut only one type of food item. Therefore, with this food slicer, you’ll save on money and counter space as you won’t have to buy several devices to meet all of your food slicing needs.

Powerful Motor Enhances Performance

Since the types of slices produced are the best way to gage a food slicer, the Nesco FS-10 can be said to be an excellent piece of equipment. This is because in addition to providing straight slices, this food slicer from Nesco features a powerful 200-Watt motor that gives the device a high level of performance. Thanks to this motor, the Nesco FS-10 cuts through food items with ease to give professional quality slices.

Nesco FS-10 Review

Features a Thickness Control Knob

Designed to cut food restaurant style, the Nesco FS-10 features a thickness control knob that gives you the freedom to choose your desired thickness from a range of 9/16”. Thanks to this thickness control feature, you can enjoy perfectly thick or thin slices of food each time you use the food slicer.

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The Food Slicer Is Easy To Clean

The Nesco FS-10 offers you the extra bonus of having an uncomplicated cleaning process. It features a slide bar and carriage that both come together to provide you with easy washing in the sink. And aside from the removable slide bar and carriage, the rest of the Nesco FS-10 can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth or sponge (except for the blade, which will require a bit of extra attention when cleaning.)

Nesco FS-10 Food Slicer Accessories

• The Nesco FS-10 food slicer

• User guide

• Power cord

Nesco FS-10 Food Slicer Review


The Nesco FS-10 silver food slicer measures 22.8 x 13.2 x 17.1 inches.


• The food slicer is lightweight and therefore easy to carry and transport

• Suction cup feet keep the food slicer in place and prevent it from wobbling while being used

• Slices meat without tearing it

• The device is well made

• At 9.8 inches the machine’s stainless steel thick blade ensures effective slicing

• Handles a wide range of food sizes and shapes

• The Nesco FS-10 features a heavy metal base which enables it to adhere firmly to the countertop

• Durable metal finish and stainless steel material give the Nesco FS-10 a good look


• The food slicer is a bit noisy


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Nesco FS-10 Food Slicer Price

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In comparison to other economical food slicers available in the market, the Nesco FS-10 silver food slicer is a bit costlier. However, considering the machine’s versatility, extra powerful motor, thicker blade, enhanced safety features, and heavy metal base, the price is justified. Simply put, you’re getting a value packed food slicer that is durable, functional and easy to use. With this kitchen appliance, you will be able to slice a whole range of food items much faster and with great ease.

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