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VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Whether you’re looking for a vacuum packaging solution for your sous vide preparations or an additional food storing device to take the load off of your refrigerator, the VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer could just be the perfect machine to meet your needs.

Ideal for both home and small-scale commercial use, this machine enables you to reach a higher level of vacuum sealing and keeps your foods fresher for longer. It also ensures that the flavor of your ingredients will not be lost. To help you determine if the VacMaster VP120 is a suitable vacuum sealing or storage device for you, the following review looks at the various features and benefits of this machine. The pros and cons of this kitchen appliance will also be listed to help you get an unbiased perspective of what to expect from this product.

Keeps Foods Fresh For Up To 5 Days

One of the best features of the VacMaster VP120 is its advanced commercial technology which enables it to keep liquids and liquid-rich foods such as vegetables and meat stews fresh for up to 5 days. This technology works by first sucking out air from the chamber and the pouch containing food so as to maintain an equal amount of air pressure on both the inside and outside of the pouch. The food pouch is then tightly sealed and air returned back into the chamber. This tight seal prevents air from entering the food pouch and thus keeps whatever food is stored fresher for longer. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about freezer burn spoiling all your vacuum packaged food.

Easy-To-Use Control Panel

The VacMaster VP120 is designed to be user friendly. As such, it features an easy-to-use control panel located on the machine’s lid. This intuitive control panel has easy-push button controls which enable you to adjust the seal or vacuum time as per the requirements of a particular food. In addition, the control panel enables you to close or open the lid at the simple touch of a button.

VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Review

Lid Provides a Durable Air-Tight Seal

With the VacMaster VP120, you’ll not have to worry about poor vacuuming thanks to the heavy-duty dome lid of this machine. The lid provides a durable air-tight seal that ensures air from the outside will not enter the chamber once the lid is shut. The machine’s performance will remain consistent even with heavier and juicier foods.

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Featuring a highly durable heavy duty stainless steel body, the VacMaster VP120 is built-to-last. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy the machines cutting edge technology and high performance for longer thanks to its sturdy construction.

VacMaster VP120


The VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer measures 16.8 x 19.2 x 9.5 inches and weighs 58 pounds.


• Stores food up to 5 times longer, thus helping you reduce waste and save money

• Using the VacMaster Vp120 is very easy

• The machine is maintenance free

• Automatic programming options provide a lot of convenience

• The machine’s chamber can hold food pouches of up to 10 inches in width and 13 inches in length

• Machine is easy to clean

• Offers a variety of packaging options

• Has excellent sucking and sealing power

• Features an easy to read pressure indicator

• User-friendly control panel gives you full control

• Features a transparent lid that enables you to see and monitor the vacuum process


• High altitudes may affect the vacuum sealer’s performance


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VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum Sealer Price

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In conclusion, the VacMaster VP120 Chamber Vacuum and Sealer is without a doubt the best machine to cater to all of your vacuum packaging and storage needs. This is thanks to a combination of wonderful features that make the machine reliable, ideal for regular usage, durable, maintenance free, and easy to use. And, with its lightweight and compact size, you will be able to find the perfect spot for it in your home kitchen counter.

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